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  1. How could I modify the numbers of MapTask slots per instance?
    You can modify the number of Map Task slots per instance by setting the "TwisterNumMapWorkersPerInstance" property in the WorkerRole configuration settings.
  2. How could I modify the numbers of MapTask of my computation?
    In order to increase the number of Map Tasks in your computation, you have to increase the number of Files in your input data. Twister4Azure by default generates one map task per input file. As a special case, you can also use the Twister4Azure client to create custom map tasks, without corresponding to the input files.
  3. How to configure the number of role instances (CPUs)?
    Modify the instance count in the Twister4AzureWorker in the Twister4AzureCloud project. You also change the instance type using that configuration as well.
  4. Jobdata page only shows the start time, is there any way that I can also see the end time?
    We currently do not display the job end time. A better estimation of the job end time is to look at the end time of the reduce task which finished last (or the last map task end time, if the job has no reduce tasks).

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